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Fall/Winter is around the corner….and you know what that means?


Have you heard? Registration is open for Tot Trade! Have you registered yet? Have you spread the words to your friends? Now is the time! Now, today. If you are like me, I can sometimes spend alot of time ‘thinking’ about things and then one day, all of a sudden, something ‘hits’ me and I can then go ‘full speed’ ahead. Are you like that? I have friends/consignors though, that are so very organized, who have everything at their fingertips and it seems like with just a ‘snap’ here and there, they can get it all done. Do you know people like that? Are you one of them? Oh how I long to be!! I’m going to add that to my list. Yep, adding that to my list. I think I’ll call it…’An Organized Kelly.’

I have alot of changes occurring in the next month. The most important, my oldest boy, my precious Cameron will be moving to Alabama to attend the University of North Alabama. Yes, he’s going to be living in my hometown, with all of my/our family, studying the thing he loves the most, music production. My particular area¬† is very well known for a lot of recording artists getting their starts in my town of Muscle Shoals, yes, ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ You know, where we have the ‘Swampers.’ Yea, you’ve heard it.

As I prepare for this particular sale, its almost a ‘rite of passage’ for me. The whole reason I started Tot Trade was for my then little baby boy Cameron, so that I could be home with him and be his mommy full time, and to hopefully supplement an income so that I could provide for him all of the things he needed and wanted. And that fervor, to work hard and just do the best work I possibly could, for myself, my boys, and for everyone that believed in the sale.¬†

Now, as I pack him up to move away from my ‘watchful’ eye, I am also preparing for yet another Tot Trade sale. I guess I should be happy that I have this little distraction so that I don’t dwell on the fact that he won’t be living in his room upstairs. And I won’t be hearing his music blaring until all hours of the day and night. And I won’t hear the daily laughter of he and his friends upstairs in his room. Yea, I think I’ll dive in and keep myself busy planning, working, scheduling, emailing, creating…..yea…I’m just gonna keep myself busy, that’s what I’ll do. But, the tears are going to flow, as they are now. I’m reminded now of one of the very first sales he came too, when he was big enough to walk and to talk….as he gazed around and saw all the cars…all the people milling around everywhere….all the items….and of course the toys everywhere….he looked up at his dad and said…’My mommy is a genius.’

Good luck my sweet boy. You are going to do great things and you have made me so very proud. Mama will be right here…working just as hard today for you as I did then. Everything I do is for you and your brother. Mama loves you. I’ll be right here….if you need me. Now is your time to soar!


Tot Trade Has A BLOG ~~ Tot Blog! Come join us!

A blog….I often wondered what I’d do if I have one. I sit and look at all of this empty space and I it’s all waiting for me…to type…to share…to discuss…to ask questions…well…just about anything…we can do it here.

The most exciting news lately is the explosion our Tot Trade registration had! Wow! And would you believe, some people already have their tagging done, or at least started! Meanwhile, mine is still sitting in those tubs I told you about last season. I’m gonna get it done! I’m gonna get it done! I am!

It is my hope that everyone joins our blog. Use it for your questions and/or just start a discussion of your own. I just want us all to become friends so that when we are standing in line, on PRESALE, waiting to make our purchases, who knows, it may be a friend you have shared a discussion with on the Tot Blog! So, join us and encourage your friends to do the same.

My FIRST blog…….I’m excited!

I can’t wait to see you at Tot Trade!
Kelly J. Graybill

Our New Website Is Here!!


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