Important Information for tagging and pricing…..
Online Bar Code Tagging is MANDATORY.
You will love our  online bar-coded tagging system. Only 65-110lb  cardstock paper is accepted (works best and is most widely available). No ‘regular’ printing paper will be accepted. This is for your safety….tags done on anything other than the cardstock paper will easily rip and tear.

Enter your tags early. We are only accepting 130,000 items. Once we reach that limit the sale will be locked. Tag early to ensure you have secured your spot in this seasons sale.  ALL ITEMS MUST BE ENTERED BY 11:59PM ON SATURDAY, September 10TH.  If the sale is locked, as long as your items are entered, you can still print. No other items can be entered after the sale is closed.  Sooooo…..get it done early!

Your tag will look like this:



Masking Tape REQUIRED: As an extra way to secure the return of your unsold items should a tag be lost, Tot Trade is requiring that you write your consignor number only on a strip of masking tape and tape it on everything you bring to the sale. On your clothing items place the tape on the inside of your clothing garment (at the collar where the size tag is). If you have a matching set, please put the tape on both pieces. You can tape the bottom of shoes and on any flat surface of your other items. This is a requirement. Please make sure you do this with all your items, even if they are in bags. With our increase in consignors it is inevitable that sometimes tags will come off, Tot Trade just wants to always return items to consignors when tags are lost. This just gives us another way to identify your items. This system works great and greatly reduces the number of items with missing tags and keeps the LOST TAG section to a minimum.

Safety Pin: Only a one inch or larger safety pin is accepted. Tiny pins do not stay closed. Attach pin vertically, up and down, in the center of the card. We will have you put the correct sized pin on your items and will also have you re-pin them if they are not pinned correctly.

PRICING: YOU SET THE PRICE! Price to sell keeping in mind the quality, name brand and condition of your items. TOT TRADE suggests starting at 1/3 of the original price. Price your items in $1.00 increments. No .50, .99. We suggest 1/2 price for your larger outside playground equipment. Please no mark through on your card. Remember the information is held in the barcode. This is for your protection. All cards must be legible.

The most helpful advice we can suggest to you for pricing is…

  • “Shoppers aren’t going to pay for your memories.” Don’t overprice your items because of sentimental attachment.
  • If you are unsure of how to price your larger items i.e.. furniture, outdoor play equipment, prepare your card, leave the price blank until drop off and one of our trained staff will help you determine a “winning” price for your item. We observe that many times, consignors will “short change” themselves on outdoor play equipment. Let us help!
  • We highly recommend you let your items discount. If priced “fairly” it’s going to sell at full price anyway. The purpose of the sale is to move items out of the house, and for you to make money. Don’t “out price” yourself and lose sales. Do you really want to load it back up and take it home?
  • Some of you aren’t going to believe this, but we see this ALOT. If you are going to donate your unsold items, PLEASE let it discount. We see this scenario alot! Give it every chance to sell before it is donated.

$3.00 Rule: If your single hanging CLOTHING item can’t bring $3.00 on it’s own, please pair it with something that will bring it to this amount. You may do groupings of “like items” (ex. shirts).

Use the  Tot Trade Pricing Guide to help determine the best price for your item

Information on Preparing Individual Items for the sale:

CLOTHES:  We are only accepting Fall/Winter clothing for this seasons event. We prefer wire hanger but you may use plastic. Wire hangers take up less room on the racks and they present the items in a neater fashion. Hang your items with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right corner if you are facing it. (Make a question mark with the hanger.) Please group all clothing items by size and gender for easier inspection and placement at drop off.  NO MORE THAN 200 CLOTHING ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR.

SHOES:  must be tied in pairs by shoelaces, not boxed. Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition. Attach tag with a LARGE safety pin, ribbon or zip-tie through shoelace eyes. The appearance of our shoe area is important to us. Shoes will simply not sell unless they are in impeccable condition. We are specifically looking for Spring/Summer dress and casual shoes for this seasons sale. Limit of 10 pair total. Group these items together for drop off. Bring only your best. Sports shoes and dance shoes do not count in this limit.

LOOSE ITEMS: must be in clear Ziploc type bags with the tag attached to the OUTSIDE of the bag with a safety pin. Be sure to identify each item on your index card, and place your consignor number on each of those items in case the ziploc bag gets opened so we can identify the items that belong together. Please group these items together for drop off.

LARGE OUTSIDE TOY ITEMS: Our larger toys items that we keep outside to include large kitchens, tool chests, work benches, all plastic toy boxes, student desks and bikes plus most riding toys, please place your tag in a ziplock or sandwich bag and tape the bag to the item. If this is an item we will put outside, and in case of rain, the tag will stay safe.

TOYS, NURSERY/KID FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT: must be in working order (batteries included) and clean. Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use HEAVY tape. A packers tape is the best, most others will not hold. Batteries must be included with all battery operated items. (Pick these up at the Dollar Tree) Please group all “like” items together. No stuffed animals will be accepted unless they walk and talk. No exceptions. They will be pulled from the sales floor and donated. Build-A-Bear and Webkinz are accepted.

PAJAMAS : We have determined that pajamas, all sizes, do sell better on hangers. Do not bag any pajama’s.

CLOTHING SETS:  Pin sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt and pinned at the waist on the hanger. (both pieces can be viewed without unpinning the garment)

Spending a little “extra” time getting your items ready will mean more $$$’s for you. Button all buttons, zip all zippers, snap all snaps, sew loose hems or seams. Items that are cleaned, ironed, and starched, with all pieces attached, sell much better! Present them at their best!