Pick-Up of Unsold Merchandise

Tot Trade will have your unsold items ready for pickup after the sale for you!

Pick-Up for Tot Trade will be Sunday, March 18th  2017 (5:00pm – 8:00pm)

  • Tot Trade is not a ‘point of sale’ event and therefore we have to upload our inventory sold using another process. Selling your items, waiting on our customers and maintaining our sales floor comes first. We do everything within our power and are usually able to have your sales report uploaded BEFORE pickup however, we do have sales that were are so busy that those things are saved for the last minute. At pick up, we can not answer ANY questions about your inventory. 1.) We are busy assisting consignors with pick-up 2.) Our systems has been shut down because we need it open for the pick up process.  Should you have any questions simply send us an email and we will address them accordingly.
  • ALL CONSIGNORS are held to the consignor agreement that is accepted and agreed upon at the beginning of the registration process. REVIEW THE CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT HERE
  • If you are a volunteer for our breakdown shift you ARE allowed to take your items home with you when we are finished. Most times we are completely done at least by 1:00pm. However, if you are not on the breakdown team, DO NOT assume you can arrive early to retrieve your items. NO ONE except those who are working the breakdown shift will be allowed to pick up their items before the scheduled time. The building will be locked.
  • Failure to pick-up your unsold items during these times will result in your items being donated. Tot Trade must completely vacate the building at our designated time in order for other events to use the facility. Donations are boxed and taken from Jamil Temple immediately after the pickup time is closed. Items not picked up can not be retrieved. Once they have been picked up by our charities, they are gone. It is out of our hands after this point.

Tot Trade makes huge contributions at the end of the sale so know that your donations are graciously appreciated and mean so much to those who receive them.

If you have items that you would simply like to donate, Tot Trade will find a home for them. Your donations are graciously accepted.

Being able to reach out to others and extend a helping hand is very important to Tot Trade. Each season we extend the offer of our donations, so generously donated by you, to area charities. Many of our charities come to us season after season, and really depend on the donations we are able to supply for them. In addition to the charities, we will also open our doors to any families that you may know who just need a little “helping hand.” We would love to help.

Tot Trade is also affiliated with several local churches and their overseas missions. As well, we collect names of individual families that we support and help.