Drop-Off Dates and Procedures

Drop Off Dates and Times for Tot Trade

  • March 10th Saturday ~ (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • March 11th Sunday ~ (9:00 am – 11:00 am)

Tot Trade Merchandise Prep Check List

  • Before tagging any items did you first make sure you are not bringing any items that are on the CPSC Recall List? Double check all items here…Consignors are responsible for the items they bring. PRODUCT RECALL SEARCH
  • NEW! All tags must be entered by 9:00pm…Saturday, March 10th 
  • Online tagging requires you use 65-110lb weight card stock paper in white or pastel colors only. Did you? Do not use “Regular” copy paper as it will rip and tear when on the racks. And, we are going to have you to RE-DO them.
  • Did you follow the $3 rule for all items?
  • Is your tag hung in the right location on your item? (at the shoulder)
  • Is your safety pin placed vertically? (going up and down on your card)
  • Is your item hung correctly? Hanger (if facing it) looks like a question mark.
  • Do you have your items grouped by “like items” and clothes in size and gender?
  • Did you put masking tape, with your consignor number only, on all of your items?
  • Did you make your Drop off appointment? Only those with 100 or more clothing items must make an appointment for drop off. Please do not make an appointment for less than 100 clothing items. Sign into your Tot Trade account and click on the Drop Off Schedule link at the top of the page. Appointments will be open March 3rd . Schedule your appointment from the available times.

What to expect at Tot Trade Drop Off

  • STEP ONE: Check In is in the front lobby of Jamil Temple (the double glass doors). Before unloading any of your items. Please come inside to the Check In Desk to confirm participation, sign the Tot Trade Consignor Agreement and receive your Tot Trade Goody Bag and Presale Passes.
  • STEP TWO: There are TWO lines for inspection. One line is for APPOINTMENTS ONLY. The other is a regular,(those without 100 or more clothing items), inspection line for clothes.
  • Bring in your clothing items FIRST. Get in the appropriate inspection line. We will have 16 inspectors to expedite this process and keep lines at a minimum. If you have scheduled an appointment for 100 or more clothing items the inspectors will be calling the names of those people at the scheduled time. DO NOT make an appointment if you do not have more than 100 clothing items. If we look at your account in MCM and see that you do not have 100 or more clothing items and you have made an appointment, your appointment will be deleted. Once your clothing items are inspected be sure to retrieve any items that did not pass our inspection process from the “DECLINED” rack. Any items not picked up will automatically be donated. Please don’t forget! Online tags will be retrieved from items that are declined, we will be taking the bar-coded tag for our records. You will need to take that item off your inventory list, once you get home in order for your records to stay accurate. Clothing items will be placed on the floor for you.
  • STEP THREE: Proceed to bring in your other items, going to each station for inspection by a Tot Trade Team Leader. You will be assisted in getting your items in the right place on the floor. Tot Trade has designated inspection stations for everything you bring to us. Your willingness to group these items together for us, by section, will make the inspection process go faster and smoother. Less time for you at Drop Off. The stations are as follows:

Big/Outside Toys
Inside Toys
Nursery Room Decor/Bedding
Infant Accessories

  • STEP FOUR: We recommend if you have larger items such as outside toys, furniture, baby equipment you can deposit those items in the back of the building by driving down to the last entrance after you have dropped off all other items.
  • That’s it! You’re done! We do the rest!

What to expect from the Tot Trade Inspectors

Inspection of a fellow mommy’s precious child’s items can be a very difficult job. Our inspectors find it very hard to decline items that are perhaps not current and not well-kept, and even harder to point out “burp” spots as that little spot belongs to that mommy’s little precious one. However, Tot Trade has a standard that is important we uphold and we do our best to be true to that standard.

Tot Trade will be implementing a very specific inspection policy that will be followed by each inspector. In other words, they will all be on the same sheet of music.

It is VERY important that all consignors first follow all guidelines of tagging, preparation of merchandise and what is and isn’t accepted. Your “attention to details” will tremendously reduce any confusion and possible rejection of your items.

Clothing Inspection – Clothes will be inspected for cleanliness, condition, and current style of each item. They will also be looking to ensure that you have brought the correct amount of items that have specific limits. Your tag must be correctly done, safety pin must be in correct place and that you have labeled your items with a piece of masking tape for easy identification if lost.

Shoe Inspection – Shoes will be inspected for scuff marks, excessive wear and current style. They will be looking to ensure you are bringing the correct amount of items that have specific limits.

Big/Outside Toys, Inside Toys, Strollers, Cribs, Pack-N-Plays, Baby Equipment, Nursery Decor, Infant Accessories – Each of these items will have their own area of placement with a Tot Trade Team Leader conducting the inspections. They will be looking for current merchandise, condition, cleanliness, and overall appearance.

Riding/Battery Operated Toys – These toys must have the battery included and will be checked to ensure that they work.

Consignors Responsibility

Follow all guidelines in accordance with Tot Trade’s tagging, merchandise prep, merchandise acceptance and item limits.

Consignors should do a “home inspection” of all their items before tagging them and bringing them to the sale.

  • Do you have all pieces required for games, puzzles etc.?
  • Did you place batteries in all items that require batteries and does the item work?
  • Have you ensured all videos work?
  • Inspected clothes, shoes and other wearable items for stains, missing buttons etc.
  • Have you included all hardware that is required to assemble items that need assembling? Cribs, beds, etc.

Remember, Tot Trade is YOUR SALE. Tot Trade is a twice yearly event that is giving you the perfect opportunity to sell those items you no longer need and bring in money for those items that you would not be able to get from your own yard sale. In addition your percentage of return on your consigned items is much greater than standard consignment stores.

Make sure you are presenting us your very best! If you wouldn’t purchase that item yourself, don’t bring it. As you go through you items and realize some just aren’t quite the quality of items to sell but are still good, usable items, bag them and bring them to Tot Trade, we will ensure those items go to charities and causes that can put them to good use.