When can I expect my check?

We LOVE to surprise you with your CHECK AT PICK UP!!! However, with over 1,300 consignors we allow ourselves time for any unforeseen issues. Tot Trade prides itself on getting your check to you within one/two weeks of the sale closing. You can expect your check to be mailed NO LATER than March 31st , 2017. We never make the promise they will be done, but ALWAYS strive to have it for you. And yes, more often than not, they ARE ready for you at pick up.

If you have any inquiries about your check once received, please contact us via email. We can not discuss any issues you might have on the day of pick up. It takes time to look into your questions and because of time constraints, our system being closed etc., simply email us.  Any discrepancies will be reviewed and corrections will be made if deemed so by Tot Trade.

All consignors are held to the Consignor Agreement.  n

CHECKS MUST BE DEPOSITED WITHIN 60 DAYS OR THEY BECOME VOID AND WE WILL NOT BE REISSUED. A $35 fee will be charged for any check that Tot Trade has to rewrite within the 60 days.

Thank you so much for participating in Tot Trade and for bringing your wonderful items to the sale! We greatly appreciate your trust in us, your support, and encouragement you give us during the preparation and the running of this great event! It would not be what it is without you! I am always amazed and rejoicing over the many blessings of God!

Until next season….