Tot Trade Acceptance Policy

It is very important that all consignors take responsibility for the items that they bring to be sold at Tot Trade. Please ensure your items have not been recalled before bringing them to the sale.

Use our great new RECALL tool!


Tot Trade Reserves the Right to Decline any Item that does not meet the above requirements.

Tot Trade WILL accept:

Items that require batteries MUST BE INCLUDED. Your item will sell better if the buyer know it will work. CHEAP batteries can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

  • Up-To-Date Spring/Summer clothing. Dance wear, School uniforms, Scout uniforms, Holiday Wear, etc. Clothing can not be older than five years old, outdated clothing will not sell.
  • We have a limit on how much you can bring in the preemie- 2T sizes. These will be sized preemie,0/3mos, 6mos, 9mos, 12mos, 18mos, 24mos, 2T – limit 15 per size, per gender. (Item count is per hanger)
  • Coats, Pjs, Costumes (season specific), Bathing Suits (season specific) do not count in the preemie – 2T count
  • We accept preemie to size 20 in girls and preemie to size 22 in boys clothing
  • Short/Long sleeved graphic t-shirts are accepted for both seasons. Must be in pristine condition. Only popular brands accepted. Limit 10 per consignor. Jeans are also accepted for both seasons as well.
  • Shoes – limit 10 pair per consignor. No house slippers. Only new or exceptionally clean shoes will be accepted. Shoes must be season appropriate.  (Cleats/dance shoes do not count in limit count)
  • Diaper bags – 2 per consignor. Please only bring your best! These will be thoroughly inspected for stains, tears and spills and removed from the sales floor if necessary.
  • Crib & Infant Bedding Sets – please only bring newer (within the past 5 years), complete and completely clean sets. Outdated, well-loved or stained/torn sets will be pulled from the sales floor.
  • Belts, scarves, hats, toboggans, suspenders must be put in ziploc bags. (season specific)
  • Childrens Underwear New in package
  • Pacifiers New in package
  • Bottles  without nipples
  • Teethers BRAND NEW only
  • Little girl’s purses are limited to 2 per consignor and are to be categorized under Girl’s Accessories. If you have a purse that goes with an outfit (ex. Gymboree), we suggest selling it as part of the outfit
  • Backpacks/Bookbags are limited to 2 per consignor. These need to be in exceptional condition. Dirty, stained or torn items will be removed from the sales floor.
  • Socks, tights that can go with an outfit must be in a ziploc bag and attach to the clothing item in order for them to be accepted. You can ask more $$ with these added items.
  • Diaper bags – 2 per consignor. Please only bring your best! These will be thoroughly inspected for stains, tears and spills and removed from the sales floor if necessary.
  • Sports equipment
  • Electronic and game systems
  • Toys
  • Board games, puzzles etc.
  • We will only accept stuffed animals that walk, talk and are interactive. Batteries MUST be included. Any other stuff animals WILL be pulled from the floor and added to our donations.
  • Bicycles, scooters, motorized cars, trampolines, swing sets, swimming pools, slides etc.
  • Outdoor play equipment. Any type houses or gyms are very much in HIGH DEMAND!!
  • Baby equipment. Stickers must be visible and legible and not older than 5 years. Click here! RECALL SEARCH TOOL
  • NEW!!! We are now accepting car seats and stroller/car seats systems. Before you bring your car seat to us, do an inspection at home before bringing it in to us. We will follow the same guidelines during our inspection. Follow the CPSAFETY guidelines for used car seats here:
  • Children’s Books, DVD’s, Home School curriculum.
  • Children’s/Baby specific furniture including gliders, chests, beds, etc.
  • If it has to do with kids, we take it.

 Tot Trade CANNOT accept:

  • NO Maternity clothing
  • NO Drop Side Cribs
  • NO VHS Tapes
  • Out of date clothing, remember, our shoppers are fashion and name brand savvy!
  • Out of season clothing–no Fall/Winter items for the Spring/Summer sale and vice versa
  • “M” (mature) video games will be carefully examined before acceptance
  • Adult clothing
  • No graphic T-Shirts unless popular brands (GAP, Nike, etc.) No theme park, destination, inappropriate slogan, or organization t-shirts.
  • Items with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. Would you buy it?
  • Un-Clean Toys or Toys without batteries
  • No hospital issued diaper bags or blankets

       JUST FOR GIRLS MARKET Accepted Items:

  • FURNITURE  Side Chair & Ottomans, End Tables, Night Tables, Desk, Patio Furniture, Cottage Style Wicker Furniture, Vanity, Bookcases, ‘Unique’ Furniture pieces, Odd chairs
  • DECORATIVE/ACCENT PIECES Contemporary Art, Picture Frames, Pottery, Candle Holders, Ironworks, Plant Stands, Modern/Up-To- Date Lamps, Mirrors, Wall Décor, Kitchen Accent Pieces
  • Women’s Handbags limited to 2 per consignor. Exceptions for these brands only: Authentic Coach, Fossil, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Frye, Brighton, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana etc.
  • Please do not consign small, BREAKABLE figurines and other items that must be handled delicately. We have TONS of shoppers come through and sometimes these items are knocked over, covered by larger items. Your consignor agreement plainly says that we are not responsible for broken items.
  • To ensure the acceptance of your LARGER JUST FOR GIRLS MARKET items simply send us a picture for approval. We’d hate for you to load and unload items and bring them to the sale only to be rejected. 

For Specific JUST FOR GIRLS MARKET accepted items click Here


      JUST FOR GIRLS MARKET Do Not Accept Items:

  • Large Dining Tables, Sofas, Bed Frames, Mattresses. To make it simple….if you don’t see it listed in the ACCEPT list or contact us for approval, we will not accept it.



Tot Trade Reserves the Right to Decline any Item that does not meet the above requirements.